Short description of my work
The focus of my artistic expression lies on painting and graphic arts. Often the objects of my pictures are animals and humans – while the creature is actually seen as creature. I mainly work with watercolors, acrylic paint and pencil. Color fills up spaces, materials are being exhausted and incidentally layers of meaning are being altered. What seems unimportant becomes significant, what is ugly becomes beautiful, the inconspicuous becomes the center of attention.
I often observe and draw in view of “nature” so that I can be close to the subject matter. My direct surroundings play a decisive role. In these surroundings both animals and humans are to be found. I incorporate them visually so that they can be graphically noted down and then artistically processed – either instantaneously or later on in the studio. For me, the question to what extent an animal may remain autonomous when it comes into contact with humans is very important and I am regularly confronted with it when I work on human to human or human to animal relations. I am also concerned with human nature in that regard: to what extent can we maintain our animal qualities when confronted with the stranger that is the animal. I see myself as part of the situation and as part of the surrounding space in these encounters and I try to incorporate that into my work. Reduction is what helps me to see and to work on what is essential.